October 30, 2010


A whole month without blogging. My bad.

I'm full of excuses (of course), but really, I'm lacking inspiration. That'll change soon I'm betting!

A recap of our last month:

Thomas got rotavirus. It was naaaasty. He was off care for a week! He's then eaten us out of house and home for the last two weeks, but finally seems to have settled down again!

We went to Hamiton for a long weekend, and it was SO SUNNY! All my Wellington buddies were not impressed when I rubbed in how much SUN we saw :)

Thomas has been to two zoos in one week! Hamilton and Wellington! He loves animals (said an-i-mals by him, hilarious!), especially monkeys, elephants and meercats. Giraffes, not so much!

And loooooves jumping on the trampoline. We stayed with friends who had one, and he spent hours out there. Needless to say, we're hoping to get him one for Christmas.

OMG how is it almost Christmas!

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