August 13, 2010

Dummies are for dummies

And thankfully this week Thomas has all but kicked his dummy habit!

On Tuesday his chin had come up in a bit of a saliva rash, and drooling with his dummy in place was not helping! So Tuesday night I popped him to bed as usual, but couldn't see a dummy on his dresser and couldn't be bothered hunting one down, so tucked him in, kissed his head and closed the door. Not a whimper, grizzle or trip out of bed all night! Fluke?

So Wednesday I had his carer put him down without his dummy for his day sleep = same thing!

Wednesday night, no problem. Same goes for Thursday day sleep.

Speedbump on Thursday night - a 45 minute performance of crying, screaming and hopping in and out of bed! No dummy tho, we left his door open as a compromise, and it worked!

So we're 3 days and dummy free - amen!



  1. YAY!!!! I both dread and look forward to the day we get "rid" of the dummy :)

  2. yay well done you:) im with leesh we dread the removing the dummy from Dakota