August 29, 2010

Firstly, an apology

I have been a wee bit slack at blogging this week.

I guess I'll blame life getting in the way! Not that we've been doing anything particularly exciting, but Thomas has been SO good and cooperative this past week, that we've all just soaked it up and forgotten about pretty much everything else!

And when I say good, I mean really really good. He's clearly having another growth spurt, as he's eating anything and everything you put in front of him (well, except for fruit *sigh*). He actually ate brocolli before anything else on his plate one night!

We've had lamb cutlets ($30/kg - ouch) that he adooored and gobbled up before you could blink. He ate fresh fish (crumbed and panfried, can't go much wrong!). There was pork roast and lamb roast, both of which went down a treat! And on Friday, three Nutella sandwiches, on top of his usual day's eating. That's six pieces of bread!

So accept my apologies :) We take the good weeks with the bad when living with a two year old!

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