September 13, 2010

Cough cough cough!

We've been very lucky this winter, avoiding all sorts of nasties! But its the changing of the seasons that really gets Thomas.

In the change from autumn to winter he got pretty sick and had a week off care, and now in the change from winter to spring, same thing! It seems he's likely a hayfever sufferer :( But we've unfortunately thrown another nasty into the mix - asthma.

Monkey starting coughing when daddy left for Oz, Thursday the week before last. It was at its worst at night, when he seemed to be all choked up and would cough till he gagged *gross*. So a trip to the Drs, and we came away with an antihistamine to help dry out his nose, and in turn supposedly dry out his cough. Fail. He got worse!

So after a week of sleepless nights we went back to the Dr with daddy in tow, looking for some relief. And the Dr posed the question "family history"? I hadn't even thought about hubby's side of the family, who have three chronic asthmatics *doh*, so it was a good thing we both went to the appointment!

We came away with some ventolin and a spacer to administer it, and we now have a much better little boy! We tried him without it last night, but he coughed till he spewed within 30 mins of going to bed, so quickly nixed that idea.

And the best part - today he saw another kid use a spacer and puffer, and now there's no screaming restraining battle to get it into him! He happily takes it in like a pro (okay, the marshmallows may have helped too!)


  1. How's Thomas feeling now? I'm actually terrified of Elijah getting asthma - he's predisposed because of his birth circumstances but we have avoided it thus far *fingers crossed*

    I nominated you for a lovely blog award - feel free to come by and pick it up when you're ready

    PS - I would do anything for a marshmallow too hehe

  2. hope everyone is feeling better in your household. sickness sucks big time

    I have nominated you for an award pop over nad pick it up:)