September 06, 2010

A night at nana's

Thomas had a sleep over at his nana's house on Saturday.

This gave me a much needed night off, but also gave nana some quality time with her first grandchild.

She loves having him over, but I do have to wonder what they get up to!

When I picked him up Sunday morning, he smelt of her perfume, because apparently he asked for it to be sprayed on him! We mimic this at home in the mornings (part of his role playing I guess, monkey see monkey do), but don't actually spray him! And he came home with a new saying: "cuppa tea"! Sounds to me like tea parties were on their agenda!

I even checked his toes for nail polish haha!

1 comment:

  1. Awh bless-Grandparents are so much fun!
    PS: I’ve nominated you for an award-stop by and pick it up :)