September 05, 2010

Finally, a chance to sit down!

So my solo parenting time has been very busy!

Thursday I got Thomas up out of bed and the first thing he did was ask for daddy. He then ran around each room of the house looking and calling out for him. Total tug of the heart strings, I tried so hard not to cry! We got out the door and off to daycare and work fine, early even!

Friday I'd already organised to have off work to spend some time spring cleaning. I worked solidy all day, sorting out Thomas's room mostly, storing away clothes that are too small, rediscovering next size clothes we'd put away some time ago, and finally hanging up his canvases and paintings! Then I steam cleaned all the floors and shampooed the carpet. I felt very productive!

Saturday I was having my girlfriends over for dinner, so I set about the caveman task of splitting wood into kindling! A few close calls but I came away with all fingers and toes :)

Dinner was fantastic, we ripped through the wine and had a blimmin good catch up, even with our friend in the UK via phone. It has been too long to remember when we all last enjoyed a wine together (babies, breastfeeding etc!)

And now I sit here on Sunday night, having just completed the other caveman task - taking out the rubbish and recycling!

Its been a busy long weekend, and we're really missing hubby! Can't wait to see him in the wee hours of Tuesday morning!

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