July 06, 2010

And so the birthday begins!

My little boy turns 2 this coming Sunday, but tonight, five nights shy of his actual birthday, he received his first birthday present!

It was a massive 4 level car garage, with ramps and lifts and even a helipad! It took me and hubby (well mostly hubby - I was good at the stickers!) a good hour to put together, and now takes up a good part of nana's lounge! Thomas loves it, and had loads of fun whizzing his cars around and discovering all the bits and pieces.

While we were putting it together it really got me thinking - I never had anything that awesome when I was a kid! And do you know why? Cos its a real "boy" toy!

Thomas is going to be one spoilt boy by the time Sunday is over! I have no idea where we're going to put all his new things. I know he's got a train track coming, and some matchbox cars, and who knows what else *eek*

But secretly, I can't wait to see his little face light up again, the way it did tonight! The look of surprise and excitement was just priceless! Granddad Keith got some photos, so I'll have to track them down and post them (when I figure out how!)

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