July 15, 2010

I forgot how much I enjoyed being a SAHM

That's Stay At Home Mum, in case you were wondering!

See I've just had three days off work with Thomas (these ones were pre-arranged, not like the usual sick days where we're house bound!). Unusually, we've had 3 beautiful sunny days too, in July, go figure!

Thomas still had the tail end of a cold, so Tuesday was a home day, mucking around with new toys from his birthday, so plenty of things to keep him occupied. Did the groceries in the afternoon and he was in his super helpful mood tossing things into the trolley for me - makes the job so much easier!

Shoot over to Sharyn's (from Organised Chaos) place and meet up with some other mums and kids for a change of scenery. Spent some time hooning around on his little ride-on bike in the afternoon in the sunshine!

I had lots of errands to run on my last day of freedom, so we headed to the mall bright and early. Popped some shoes in to be fixed ($60 later, ouch!), ducked into the pharmacy and then tottled off to bank a cheque, where Thomas charmed the lady into giving him a pirate sticker! Then across the road to see the "woof woof" - puppies at the pet store (can tell nana takes him there often - he tried to drag me across the road towards the store)! Lucky Thomas got to see a blue tongue lizard up close and personal and mimicked him sticking his tongue out! He loved the noisy birds, and patted a puppy.

Next stop - Pumpkin Patch. Not Thomas's favourite place! Fortunately they have a little kiddie corner and Mary Poppins was on, so Thomas climed into there and gave me 5 mins to shop in peace.

Last stop - Muffin Break, where we shared an apple and berry muffin. Now usually Thomas won't go near a fruit muffin but today he was into it! Super cutie, sitting in the chair across from me, when did my baby grow up!

As a treat for being so good we stopped into a nearby school on our way home and I magically plucked his bike out of the boot! So he spent 15 mins riding around the carpark until he got the speed wobbles and took a spill! But not a scratch on him, although he was too tired to realise at this point. So home we went and off to bed.

It was such a great morning, and made me a teeny bit sad about all the fun times we're missing out on *sigh*.

If only the mortgage could pay for itself!

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  1. awwww sounds like you had a great 3 days