July 04, 2010

Like a duck to water!

In winter, every Saturday is rugby day for our household.

Hubby coaches a high school team, and when Thomas is in a cooperative mood (as cooperative as a 2 year old can be!) and the weather is 'good' (term is used loosely!) we head out to watch his team play.

Today was one of those days - Thomas was happy, and the sun was shining!

So we headed on over to the grounds, armed with jackets, hats and most importantly; gumboots! The fields were so soggy from weeks of almost constant rain, which means one thing; MUD!

It was the first time Thomas had encountered mud of this proportion, and he had the best time plodding and squelching through the mud, although was a bit unsure of things when his boots got stuck! And of course, he had to poke his fingers in the mud and taste some - just cos!. Good thing I'm not one of those mums who freaks out about this sort of thing!

We had lots of people stop to smile and laugh while watching Thomas enjoy himself, there's something so magical about watching kids be kids!

We managed to chew up over an hour chasing each other and stomping around the place, good time had by all and made for one sleepy boy when we got home.

And even better - hubby's team won :)

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