July 08, 2010

You know what I hate?

Crappy customer service.

Yesterday our internet was down, all day. Not a technical fault per se, but a truck crashing into a pole damaging some cable.

So when we called up about 5.30 pm, we were told they'd been working on it all day and it should be fixed about 7.00 pm. So we waited, tried all the usual tricks but nothing (cue: forum withdrawals for me!). All night. No internet. *SIGH*

This morning I check the provider's website and they have the cheek to not even list the fault in their 'recent events' history. So I'm left wondering if the problem had even been resolved!

Fast forward to tonight. We get to my MILs house and hubby checks his emails, only to discover that yesterday he'd received a very important email with questions he needed to answer within 48 hours relating to a job application. Luckily he does it straight away and makes the deadline, because when we get home later in the evening and flick on the computer, we find the same thing, no internet!

So I call them again, wait a ridiculous amount of time on hold and finally get to a tech. Tech says problem is fixed and that it must be an issue at our end. Ok, awesome. Fiddled with the cables, swapped the ends round, powered off and on again and voila = internet. Typical.

I ask about compensation for the day without internet (hey, no harm in asking right). Nothing. Not likely, sorry. So I ask why the problem was not listed on their website as having been resolved. Oh, um, not sure. So when I point out that I'd really like the point made about compensation or at least better notifications on their website about faults and resolutions, due to our close call with hubby nearly missing a deadline, I get told "sure I'll log that problem right now, thanks for your call, good night".

Problem - tech did not once ask my name, my account number, even my phone number!

So do I think the complaint will be lodged? Nope.

And that is why I hate crappy customer service.

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  1. Oh yeah. I hear you. Especially with telecommunications companies. We had a situation where we had no internet for days, weeks and the problem was just being pushed from one person to another. DH requested to make a complaint and was given an email address to send the complaint to. When he asked for a phone number or postal address he was told they only accepted them in email form. WT?? The whole point of the complaint was that we DIDN'T have email/internet!!! Grrr...