July 10, 2010

This time two years ago...

...it all began!

Hubby had gone to rugby training, and I'd started getting some regular niggles. As I wasn't due for another two weeks, I figured they'd never amount to anything.

How wrong I was!

Two years ago my body was preparing for labour. About 15 hours from now our precious little boy was born.

I think time speeds up once you have kids. I cannot understand how two years has gone so quickly!! It seems like just yesterday I was watching the delayed All Blacks coverage from my hospital bed at Kenepuru, Thomas fast asleep, just a day old. Fast forward two years and hubby and I are drinking a nice bottle of bubbles, watching the All Blacks live and recounting days past.

Tomorrow we're having a little party for Thomas's 2nd birthday. I expect he'll be completely spoilt and we'll have no idea where to put all his new goodies!

Will be back tomorrow night with photos (hopefully lol!) from his special day.

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